Hemswell - A little wind turbine clarity

I thought you might welcome a little clarity on your item on the Hemswell Cliff wind farm appeal.

The figure of ‘900 letters of support’ is as fictional as every other claim of benefit by the German-owned company that is attempting to disfigure our part of Lincolnshire.

Two days before the Planning Committee meeting that unanimously rejected the application, the number of letter supporting the industrialisation of the Lincoln Edge was 600 (we know, because we counted them). We also discovered that a mere 23 of the letters came from local addresses - one came from as far away as Athens. At the Planning Meeting, however, that figure mysteriously jumped to ‘900’ - an unaccountable total that has been widely promulgated ever since.

Against that, our Member of Parliament, Sir Edward Leigh, has vigorously opposed the application, so has Lincolnshire County Council, West Lindsey District Council, West Lindsey Planning Committee, and over 2,000 local residents. Which part of this message do the developers fail to understand?

Incidentally, as your report confirms, the developers are not only appealing against the rejection of the plan for a ten-turbine wind farm, they are also introducing an eight-turbine alternative. How can anyone appeal against a decision that has not been taken, and using a plan that has never before existed? The eight-turbine plan should, of course, be considered as a new application but, over time, we have become used to the developer’s underhand and devious scheming.

Please remember, if we do not put an end to this nonsense, Lincolnshire will end up as little more than a scrapyard off the coast of Europe.

E C Coleman

Chairman of Villages of the Cliff Against Turbines (Vocat)