Helpful hint for the class of 2012 in Market Rasen

EDITOR – When reading the most interesting headline where the “ Class of 2012 are in 1 in 10,000”, Market Rasen Mail, in which the reader is informed of the most peculiar occurrence with the 12 Twins at Market Rasen’s De Aston School.

In which I’m sure that there are many folk out there who on reading this particular story will have given a giggle if not a little titter at the plight of the teacher’s having to deal with this strange influx.

So, without any inconvenience towards these young sprogs would it not now be the ideal opportunity for all school’s across England who find themselves in the very same predicament to bring in a law that requires each set of twins to wear a brightly coloured school blazer, (say orange or pink) with there names written on the back in big bold letters?.

Failing this perhaps the headteacher, Ellenor Beighton, could devise a system as was done with myself and my brother where alternately one takes a semester in school while t’other works down the pit.

Nino Hoblyn