Help us to build ‘green’ house

EDITOR – Our children have all left home and my wife and I urgently need to downsize and move into a smaller house constructed with energy-saving and energy-producing devices and high levels of insulation so we can live in a zero carbon situation.

We thought we had the perfect solution that would allow us to continue living in Grasby, our home for over 20 years.

Owning spare land to the front of our house means we can afford to build an eco-friendly house with the facilities that would suit us for the foreseeable future.

When we applied for planning permission to build this smaller eco house on this land, the planning inspector stated: “In my judgment the dwelling proposed would be a reasonable contemporary design that would fit satisfactorily within its surroundings.

“I conclude that the proposed dwelling would provide satisfactory living accommodation for its occupants. Bearing in mind also my finding regarding the appearance of the dwelling.

“The proposal would accord with Local Plan Policy RES 1, which addresses housing layout and design matters.”

However, he refused planning permission on the basis that the application does not meet the defined local need as defined in Strat 8. He also felt the proposal conflicted with Strat 9, controlling the release of housing land.

In a recent discussion with the WLDC planning office, the planning officer concerned repeated the view that we do not meet a local need to stay living in Grasby.

Where do we find a suitable eco house and how far would we have to travel to get to it?

The daily newspapers consistently report that the Government wishes to get Britain building its way back to prosperity. It is creating a £10 billion fund to boost new home building, saying the country had to ‘up the tempo’ on development or it would fail to recover.

The last quarter’s trade figures showing a reduction in output was caused by a contraction in the construction industry.

The Central Lincolnshire Local Plan sets a target of 9,500 new homes in the smaller towns and rural settlements of the area, which includes West Lindsey. What is going on?

We urgently need this new home and cannot wait to give local builders and suppliers the orders to build it, helping, in our small way, to get the local economy going, at the same time creating a zero carbon house which will help the reduce greenhouse gas emissions for years to come.

We know we could do this in other EC countries, so what is going on here?

Mr and Mrs C. Baker,

16 Vicarage Lane, Grasby.