Help needed to eradicate deadly weed

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EDITOR - I would like to alert your readers to the great danger of allowing Ragwort to take over our land.

This ‘pretty’ yellow flowered plant is a specified weed under the Weeds Act of 1959, which can have and frequently does have, fatal consequences if eaten by horses, donkeys, cattle, sheep and goats.

Although eating Ragwort does not kill straight away, it is a cumulative toxin which will result in humane destruction of the animal.

Once the plant has flowered, the seeds are carried on the wind and will propagate anywhere they land, producing many more Ragwort plants.

Please would all landowners and tenants of land take steps to eradicate any Ragwort on their land to prevent it spreading further across Lincolnshire.

More information can be found on the DEFRA website,

Ragwort is a great worry to anyone who has any grazing animals and to producers of animal feed.

Frances Norgrove

Market Rasen