Help disabled to help themselves

Editor – We write to let you know of a nationwide initiative that can have a real impact on your local area.

More than 180 charities that make and sell goods in order to give employment to disabled and disadvantaged people have come together under a new banner .

We imagine that many of your local readers would be thrilled to know they can now use this website to look up charities that work in this way in their local area.

We call them ‘social firms’. Quite simply, our 180-strong membership is turning ‘buying’ into ‘giving’.

Our members make everything from cup cakes to garden gates.

People can now buy everyday products that actually help some of the most vulnerable people in society in your community area.

People can buy products and services from ourselves and the other JustBuy companies knowing that the money they spend just doesn’t buy them the product, it all helps a good cause.

David Sore

CLARITY – Employment for Blind People

Charity Reg. 210794