Hedgehogs - Please help pair if you can

Having been given the green light and the blessing of my next door neighbour, may I, through the pages of our Rasen Mail, bring home a subject that, for many of us, is a complete unknown in the constituency of Caistor and the surrounding area.

I’m talking about Laurie and Mark Fox, who run Caistor Hedgehog Care from North Street, Caistor.

These two folk have been taking in these little prickle back characters by the boat load – to the point where an outdoor shed of substance and warmth is now urgently needed.

This comes at a cost, of course. Considering they are helping to save an endangered species of our wildlife, donations of any size will be greatly appreciated towards the work and in meeting feeding and cleaning bills.

So please help in any way you possibly can.

Nino Hoblyn

North Street