Hedgehogs - Caistor centre

MP’s column

At first it seemed as if this would be just a pipe dream, nothing more than pie in the sky, but, not unlike a small acorn, things began to grow and grow.

They thus did into a shed and those of you who have constructed a shed will know that there is a lot more to this than meets the eye.

That self same shed has now taken the look of a hotel.

True thanks to this wonderful venture starts with our Market Rasen Mail informing all those magnificent readers, who out of the kindness of their hearts have helped to provide the much-needed funds to get this dream up and running, with Derek Fox being the brawn.

Not forgetting Mark and Lauri Fox, who in their turn have named this Bob’s Hedgehog Rehab Hospital at Caistor Hedgehog Care.

For Bob is a blind hedgehog, who, though his disability is a slight drawback, in the real sense is no different to all the many others who have been taken in by this most caring and thoughtful couple.

They are doing a massive favour to the hedgehogs who are disappearing at a very fast rate of knots.

They are in decline to the rate whereupon I myself spoke to a couple from Sleaford who have not seen sight nor sound of any hedgehogs around their neck of the woods for years and years.

So please, please keep any donations, big or small, coming in to help the upkeep in cleaning, bedding, towels and the feeding of many, many hungry little mouths.

Nino Hoblyn