Health Watch - Successful year

Healthwatch Lincolnshire has just completed its second successful year since starting its work in April 2013 as the independent local organisation giving everyone a chance to ‘speak up’ about their local health and social care services.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported our work during the last year.

During the year we have spent time listening and learning from more than 11,000 Lincolnshire residents about their experiences of health and care services in the county.

Anyone wanting to find out more about the work of Healthwatch Lincolnshire can read more at our website and sign up to receive a copy of our e-news which gives regular monthly updates of Healthwatch Lincolnshire activities as well as local and national health and care news.

We are also happy to receive contributions to the e-news from both individuals and organisations - get in touch.

Contact Healthwatch Lincolnshire via the website or on telephone on 01205 820892.

Sarah Fletcher

Chief executive officer, Healthwatch Lincolnshire