Health - EMAS duty of care questions

‘Senior police chiefs begin national inquiry into mounting concerns their staff are being forced to act as ambulance drivers and having to administer rudimentary first aid at scene.’ (The Telegraph 23 Nov 2014:

It has become clear that EMAS is trying to use anyone who might provide cover for the emergency ambulance role - police, fire etc.

At the end of the day (and all through every day) it is the job of EMAS to respond to medical emergencies in a timely fashion.

Can you imagine the ridicule if the Fire Service asked EMAS to fight fires for them?

The key is a very high standard of operational organisation in order to maximise EMAS resources.

Messing about with the properties that EMAS owns - seemingly in an attempt to jettison stations to raise cash - has been recognised by EMAS - after 18 months - as being the wrong way forward. A year ago the public were telling EMAS just this.

There is no evidence that EMAS has even begun to concentrate on developing a sensible operational strategy which in a few words could be stated as - put the ambulances on stand by close to where they need to respond to.

The question that the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, has to look at once again is - is EMAS management carrying out their duty of care to the public, or are they guilty of medical negligence - and does this negligence constitute a criminal offence?

Guy Grainger

King St, Market Rasen