Health chmpion - Is this really a job for WLDC?

Who remembers the days when the likes of West Lindsey District Council repaired roads, kept footpaths clean and free of incompetent dog owners who allow their dogs to foul their filth where humans tread and many more things besides those mentioned.

And yet as the years have passed by at a great rate of knots it is these vital issues that have been totally ignored in today’s society to be replaced by certain things that if thought over with a great deal of savvy would blow your last remaining grey cells asunder.

Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday, September 17, 2014, ran a headline “Caistor Tiger is Health Champion” leaving me thinking that in appointing Caistor councillor Alan Caine as Health Champion, the world has gone completely mad.

Digging into your private well being, when they should be digging and repairing the roads, prying into your life to see if you’re eating your greens and you’re not sneaking the quick fag while sat on the thunderbox reading our Market Rasen Mail and if you also admit to drinking the odd pint of beer you’re in for the high jump.

So! as council leader Jeff Summers puts it : “Alan is like a ferret or a tiger when he gets something between his teeth,” where as I would like to put this in other terms such as.

Councillor Alan Caine reminds me of my stint in the Army when passing a 10 week medical course I became part of the medical team with Sgt Basset at the helm and because of his name, he was known as Dr Dog. And thus, looking at the face of Alan in that photograph, I’m afraid to say that title Dr Death would be very appropriate, and I mean this in a most sincere way.”

Nino Hoblyn,

Ex 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards, North Street, Caistor.