Health - Action needed to fight cancer

More action is urgently needed to overcome breast cancer. I have a personal interest in tackling this disease and I think my future MP needs to make it a priority because although I have been lucky and am currently a two year survivor of Breast cancer, there are no guarantees that it will not recur

Every year, around 18 women in my constituency alone die from secondary breast cancer - which is 12,000 women dying from this disease across the UK annually. We can’t afford not to act.

Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer have launched their new joint Stop Women Dying campaign to encourage parliamentary candidates to become Breast Cancer Ambassadors, if elected this May.

I want my future MP to become a Breast Cancer Ambassador and help to improve local treatments and services for those affected by the disease in our local area and do more to stop women dying from this disease.

I would encourage others to join me and add their support to the campaign by visiting

Mrs Esther Streek

Calad Stainton By Langworth, Lincoln