Have an input into power debate

EDITOR – It seems that our local politicians are queuing up to tell the Rasen Mail that they don’t like wind turbines.

First Edward Leigh on February 22 and then Lewis Strange on February 29 – but they don’t suggest any alternative way to generate the power that we all need.

Fortunately, an alternative is being put to the people of Caistor by a group of local residents who are looking into the possibility of a biogas plant, which could use local food and agricultural wastes to generate heat and electricity.

Such a plant would safeguard local jobs by making the electricity supply to the industrial estate more secure, and with two housing estates being built the demand for power in Caistor is going to rise.

Ideally, the plant would be part-owned by the community so some of the profits could be used to fund local energy efficiency projects in public buildings and domestic homes.

I hope people will go along to the consultation event on Saturday, March 17 in the Methodist Hall, have a cup of tea and find out more.

Local people need to give their opinions on what is being proposed, suggest changes if needed, but get involved in making this happen – if we do not do it ourselves then big business will come along and do it for us, take all the profits and we will have no say whatsoever.

Peter Sanderson