Hats off to Jack, a true diamond geezer

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Editor – How many folk 
like myself go through life 
in their own village or town who on seeing the same old faces each and everyday nod and give our respects in saying hello when in fact not knowing in many cases who their actual names are?

And here’s me near on nine years in Caistor doing just 
that and not giving this a second thought until today when 
reading the front page of our most informative Market 
Rasen Mail, Wednesday, July 25, 2012, and the story of Jack Wheatley.

Who again when greeting this young man we always 
shake hands and in the 
course of conversation he never fails to put a smile upon my 
face with his own happy smile and laughter which is so contagious.

Yet to read the trials and tribulations of Jack you would never in a million years of thought ,not only the struggle he himself has gone through, but also his mother and his grandparents who have gone through that mill in supporting a true ‘Diamond Geezer’.

Nino Hoblyn,