Get infrastructure working

Editor – I have just moved back to Caistor after leaving 10 years ago – living here prior to that since birth – and am pleased to see many of the new developments and investments which have been made. But I do think Caistor needs to be careful with what type of development it accepts.

Regarding the proposed plans for the Brigg Road caravan site – I agree with earlier press regarding the site next door and the uncertainty of its future usage, but even as an empty site who would want to stay there?

I know plenty of caravanners and I am sure they wouldn’t want to be next to an empty yard with other industrial units nearby, let alone a scrapyard if it ever returned, Hardly the prettiest of caravan sites.

Caistor needs to walk before it can run! And if the investors have a genuine concern for its regeneration and wish to benefit from its financial future, perhaps should concentrate on offering more tourist-friendly services, for example a family pub/restaurant, open up more of the history like the new centre and make the market place and Cornhill interesting and informative places to visit.

Having the right infrastructure in place – footpaths, crossings and speed restrictions etc – would all help with increasing the number of visitors and naturally see an upturn in its tourism trade, which I think the new visitors centre is already beginning to achieve.

From the Brigg road site to Caistor centre would be a car journey, especially with the busy road and unsuitable footpaths, but for what? And how long? I’m not sure how many people from away would come to Caistor at this point. Or if they did, how many would come back for more, particularly when competing with places like Louth, Horncastle etc.

However, my greatest concern, and clearly that of others, is that should the caravan site fail to bring in the revenue, in today’s financial climate, how long would Mr Manning be prepared to keep it going. And once changed from a residential to commercial property what would become of it? Another abandoned industrial yard or unit or, Heaven forbid, a ‘Dale Farm’.

If the local council is planning on sorting out the town access roads, required road crossings and speeding issues we have in the not too distant future then perhaps it can consider caravan parks, but until then...

Paul Mason