Gates at entrance will show respect for dead

EDITOR – Re Cemetery Gates letter by Mrs W Blanchard (Letters page, Feb 1 2012).

May I firstly agree wholeheartedly with Mrs Blanchard’s sentiments on her cemetery gates comment.

May I also add some comments of my own. As with a lot of families around here we have family, friends and colleagues who are interred in this sacred part of Market Rasen whom we remember by flowers and visitations to their final resting places.

It does seem disrespectful when we have to see the cemetery used as a public footpath, a quick way to get from the De Aston end to the Poplars end and rubbish from that pedestrian/cycle traffic which uses it as a short cut.

Have these people got no respect for the young and old who lie beneath. There is a sign at the De Aston end saying ‘No public right of way’, but as with some people’s morals this sign is ignored – either that or the users are illiterate – or maybe the sign should be more prominent.

There should be some gates, as there are for the older cemetery across the way, to greet the bereaved going to pay their respects to those inside.

There should also be fencing for the other end by the Poplars as there was originally; either that or fencing and a gate.

There is a public footpath provided that runs the length of cemetery (as there has always been there) and that should be used rather than impune the sanctity of what should be a place of quiet remembrance.

Having been there a lot with my wife it does spoil the visit when schoolchildren, people walking dogs (who also leave little gifts for all to see) and the cyclist who is late for whatever they may be doing or simply (as we could not believe with our own eyes) a girl who not only brought a dog for a walk in the cemetery but proceeded to climb a tree (inside the boundary fence) near where we cleaning and tidying up our loved ones graves.

So, a little respect please for the feelings of mourners when they are in the cemetery.

Most of all, please get a fence/gate for the Poplar end and a nice gate for the De Aston entrance and let us be a proud town and hold our forebears with the deference that is due to them.

To add just one more thing – I did think that when Tesco was given permission to build at the Linwood Road site that it was also to have been part of a ‘transport hub’ which linked the town, the railway station and also to be more of a well-used bus stop (a good place for the regular Lincoln/Grimsby bus to utilise) than it is now.

The railway station could be made accessible via the steps already in place and there certainly is enough room there to provide disabled access too.

Martin Hare

Market Rasen