Gate of India - Is it right to take licence?

am writing with reference to the withdrawal of the Licence at The Gate of India, Market Rasen.

Although I cannot condone the employment of illegal immigrants and can understand the need for rules and regulations, I am unable to see any logical reasoning behind the withdrawal of a small businesses licence in the current economic climate.

My family and myself have been visiting this restaurant on a weekly basis since the opening and during this time we have never seen any abusive behaviour or trouble caused through drinking (unlike other establishments in Market Rasen). We have always enjoyed a pleasant evening and have found the staff to be consistently friendly and helpful.

The withdrawal of this licence will cease the trading of this company, with I am sure will have a knock on effect to other businesses within the area, as I am sure like ourselves, people use the facilities of other companies before and after enjoying a meal at the above premises. We personally use the local butchers, Tesco’s, Fuel suppliers and Public Houses, of which would all lose out due to the fact that we would no longer travel the distance required. I have spoken to many customers over the years and have been told that people travel from all over Lincolnshire to this award winning restaurant.

If the Gate of India ceased trading, West Lindsey would lose yet another company paying their business rates, the legal employees and their families would no doubt become a further burden on the ever expanding welfare state, along with claiming reductions in council tax and other benefits. In this modern society I believe that a warning, penalty and a keen eye would be sufficient punishment for this crime as I am sure they are fully aware that their business is at stake and would be very reluctant to misunderstand British Laws in the future.

Michelle Kevin

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