Fuel problem in our own hands

Editor – I am surprised there has not been any further response to a letter from one of your readers concerning the high price of petrol at the Market Rasen Tesco filling station.

I too feel most strongly that we are being held to ransom with these prices.

At the time of writing, unleaded fuel at Tesco Market Rasen is retailing at 134p per litre, whereas every supermarket in Lincoln, including Tesco, is at either 128p or 129p per litre. This price has been held now at 134p for many weeks, in spite of falling fuel prices, whereas in Lincoln and other towns they have reduced their prices accordingly.

It doesn’t take much working out, at an extra 5p per litre here at Market Rasen, to see how many thousands of pounds has gone into Tesco’s tills as extra profit. But, as they say, every little helps.

The answer, my friends, is in your hands. I haven’t bought one litre of petrol here in Market Rasen since last July; as I drive around and see this cheaper fuel I always fill up. I do realise not everyone can do this, but most of you can. Do this and you will soon see the prices here tumbling down.

When the cost of living is so high, we are being really taken on. Lincolnshire, as an agricultural county, has never enjoyed the higher wages of other areas, so I do feel Tesco, who say they pride themselves on lowering prices, should take note and do just that – but I wouldn’t hold your breath whilst you wait.

Seasonal greetings to you all. I do hope my little helps!!!!

Dennis Hall

Market Rasen