Fuel price issue must be resolved

EDITOR – In Market Rasen we are blessed with vast expanses of beautiful countryside, so we are hit worse by the rising price of fuel.

The Government has toyed with the idea of stopping this gradual rise in taxation, but with another 1p fuel increase next month this development is sluggish and I don’t expect the Libyan crisis will help matters.

I am supporting the Fair Fuel UK Campaign, which is great news for commuters, parents running children to school, people going for a night out and the entire well-being of the nation.

Easy movement of people and goods is a basic necessity for any society which values enterprise and personal liberty.

David Cameron has recently been very vocal about the value of enterprise. He is right, because small businesses generate employment, stimulate investment and, perhaps best of all, provide independence from the state.

In our constituency, reining in fuel prices is a good place to start.

Inflation and fuel taxes are effectively taxation specifically on people who save money and work.

We do have holes to plug in the economic system, but income tax and VAT are preferable ways to sort this problem out.

It is a travesty that life is made more expensive specifically for the hardworking public in order to pay for the bad debts of others and national bail-outs.

Those people who dutifully pay mortgages and take out loans they can afford, however, will be happy to know the interest rate is to remain low, at 0.5%, so the value of their investments will remain stable.

£560m has been committed to a local transport fund by the Government, which is nice, but I am wary of public sector solutions to public sector problems.

For £560m here and £560m there, we might as well just lower fuel tax. The tax breaks on electric cars are one great way in which the state is supporting green industry.

I like innovation and clean air – we have plenty of each in Gainsborough.

However, the immediate needs of working commuters and parents who do school runs must be attended to as our first and most urgent priority.

These people need affordable fuel now and it isn’t good enough to tell them their cars have a drinking problem.

Edward Leigh

MP for Gainsborough