Fortunate to live in a great area for sport

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In Gainsborough, and Lincolnshire on the whole, we are blessed because we have such great variety of sports programmes and sports clubs available to us.

In this country we have such a great heritage in all sports from rowing to cricket and squash to tennis.

It is a great joy to see that our country still places a large emphasis on encouraging young people all over our country to engage in sport no matter what sport it is. Many schools throughout the county offer a wide range of sport to our young people and encourage exercise outside of school time.

This is a wonderful thought that from an early age our children are having the privilege of experiencing sport and finding a new passion.

I am a keen swimmer and recently took part in raising funds for the Wragby swimming pool, which is in danger of being closed down.

I believe that places such as Wragby swimming pool and many other sports clubs and sporting facilities across Gainsborough are a vital part of our community and a lifeline for all ages within the constituency.

That is why I will support the continuation of these facilities throughout the constituency as a priority.

I enjoy the joys of sport through avid swimming and usually swim in the Serpentine in Hyde Park. I regularly practise rugby for the upcoming regatta for the joint Houses rugby match.

With British sporting heritage already mentioned, not only is sport a great form of exercise, it is also enjoyable, is good for the body and mind and also encourages team building.

Sport is also a large part of the Big Society. With spending cuts hitting sporting funds and what little funds are left going towards the Olympic Games there is a bigger part for constituencies to play in keeping this great sporting spirit alive.

It is a great comfort to see people all over Gainsborough volunteering their spare time to help train and fuel younger generations with the passion for sport whatever it might be.

This is of great importance, as with the economic situation still not flourishing as we would all like fewer and fewer funds will be made available to maintain facilities through paid employment.

That constituency members are taking the initiative and investing in future generations by helping to flourish this sense of sport and volunteering their time brings great reassurance.

It is because of this tireless effort given by so many people that the great spirit of which I speak continues with strength.

I hope all constituency members feel encouraged to take up an old sport that they used to love, or try a new one and take full advantage of the great facilities we have throughout our county.


MP for Gainsborough