Forget the national average – this is Market Rasen not Chelsea!

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EDITOR – The Rasen Mail (15/6/2011) letters page was full of much praise and back patting from town councillors old, new and resigned, on the wonderful success of the Gardener’s Market. How many locals benefited?

Yet, in the previous weeks Mail, hidden away under the heading “council concern over dog attacks” was the report that the town council will take over maintenance of our town’s cemetery.

In doing so they stated that they would have to raise the cost of a burial by over 450 per cent from £130 to £600, “to bring it in line with the national average”!!!!!

Get real this is the heart of rural England with some of the lowest incomes and highest unemployment in the country, not Berkshire or Chelsea!!!

Is this just a means of recouping some of the ludicrous deficits our council have created? In anticipation of a true reason or response from any council member.

Archie Farrow.

Market Rasen