Flooding - From small acorns.......

In certain cases when items are placed om terms of money and when all added up to an amount that comes above the National Debt, is it not wise and fair in today’s caring society to help those who are on need of keeping their heads above water? - Market Rasen Mail November 29, with the headline ‘New Pumps will Help Residents During a Flood’.

Which brings me to a little thought while my little grey cells were being tickled into a rather excited state of mind with one of these pumps being photographed on the back of a trailer.

Why not give those residents in the flood risk area of Wragby and Gainsborough a pump each?

This will save the Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue from running around,not unlike mad wombats in a snow storm, trying their hardest to contain the hundreds of calls throughout the wet season.

At the moment, lit’s just an idea, but one should never forget that old saying ‘from small acorns mighty oaks do grow’, and how many people laughed when the late great Albert Einstein claimed to have split the atom?

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor