Fighting the good fight against wind farm plans

EDITOR – I write in support of Coun Lewis Strange’s letter on wind turbine developments in our beautiful part of North Lincolnshire.

It is hard to keep up with the number of applications submitted by energy companies.

It must be remembered that farmers/landowners receive between £20,000/40,000 annual rent per wind turbine, depending on the size.

The wind energy industry has become an unholy alliance between acquisitive landowners and multi-national energy companies. Many farmers/landowners will not have anything to do with it and must be congratulated on resisting easy money.

We have a beautiful landscape here in North Lincolnshire, rising towards the Wolds. Wind turbines will industrialise this landscape. They will be seen from miles around.

The turbines proposed at Hemswell Cliff, particularly, are massive. They are 500 feet high, as tall as Lincoln Cathedral, and will be on view from the Humber to Lincoln.

Walkers on the Wolds will see them rather than a view of the Lincolnshire plain and the sky. The other proposals at Grayingham and Normanby and Waddingham are smaller but will change the nature of those rural communities.

If you are not someone who is 
affected by visual beauty and is of the opinion of ‘don’t mind the 
look of them’ just consider the effect on property prices; they are a blight, as a motorway near your home would be.

They will severely reduce the value of your house, you will not have many viewers, and the noise these machines make is not to be dismissed.

They truly do make a continual whooshing sound when working which can be heard over a mile away, and further depending on wind direction.

And that is another point. If wind energy worked it would be another matter, but it does not. And it must 
be remembered – no wind, no electricity.

We stopped using windmills 150 years ago. The former chairman of RDF, Mr Armitage, has now come out as opposed to wind turbines as a non-efficient form of energy.

The point of the above to a lover of the English countryside and landscape is that it is being desecrated on the altar of green energy to fulfil an unrealistic quota one Mr Anthony Blair signed up to.

And remember, our energy bills have increased because of subsidies given to multi-national energy companies and the massive rents paid to landowners.

Please do as Coun Strange encouraged you to do and write to object to the blight of wind turbines that is coming to our area.

Write to your MP and to

Time is short, do it now. Our landscape should not be spoiled on the dubious altar of green energy.

Susan Chambers