Farmers, M.R. B.I.G. and Nino

EDITOR – I am a regular reader of your fine publication and sometime contributor to your letters page (usually to have a pop at local government).

I found the letters page on April 18 2012 was a good feeding ground for some serious and not so serious observations.

The letter about farming subsidies for instance; in consideration of his views it was very wise of the contributor to remain anonymous in a rural community such as this.

Your contributor, however, is kicking against a firmly closed door as farming subsidies have been around for most of my lifetime.

I believe them to be rooted in our near-starvation during the Second World War. If Mr Anon poked about in some of the more obscure corners of farming subsidy and benefit rules he would probably receive a substantial shock.

You’ll never see a farmer on a bike. It ever was thus and, one suspects, ever more shall be so as we cannot survive without agriculture.

I fear attempting to plait fog would be more productive than trying to change any rules relating to farming and money.

The editor’s response to Mr Graham’s letter was an eye-opener. I confess, however, to having been confused by the references to Mr Big only to discover, somewhat disappointedly, that it was an acronym – M.R. B.I.G. – and not a local mobster. This ranks alongside my disappointment when, as an engineering student, I learned that Curly Dee and The Operator J were mathematical terms not shady characters.

But the real stunner is the editor talking of Nino Hoblyn as if he were a real person!!!!

Come off it Ed, the whole area knows that Nino Hoblyn is the Rasen Mail’s ‘Mr Made Up Person’, a device whereby you, dear editor, can voice controversial opinions without fear of castigation. Just in case I am wrong, sorry Nino!!!!

Last and most ludicrous, but not meaning to undermine the serious comments of David Riley; if dogs could be genetically modified to metabolise at the same rate as guinea pigs no-one would want to own one.

Problem solved; QED.

I am being surreal of course, leave me alone.

Peter Street


Middle Rasen

l EDITOR’S NOTE: Hand on heart, Nino Hoblyn is a real person and lives in Caistor; I’ve met him – twice.