Excited by future of offshore wind farm

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EDITOR - Am I the only person excited by the current development of offshore wind farms off the coast of Lincolnshire?

Our two existing offshore windfarms are 5km off the coast of Skegness and Ingoldmells and they have the capacity to provide enough electricity to power 130,000 homes.

The next wind farm to be built will be situated just behind these existing ones and be 8km from the coast at the nearest point.

Centrica, the developer of all three of these farms, signed a lease in May this year to build an operations and maintenance base on Grimsby Docks, which presumably means some jobs for the area for years to come.

The proposed Triton Knoll wind farm which was recently out for public consultation at Grimsby library will be 33km (over 20 miles) off the coast of Mablethorpe and will have the capacity to produce as much power as a large conventional power station.

If it gets the go-ahead it will create even more maintenance jobs, not to mention turbine manufacturing on the Humber Bank.

Surely it gives us hope for the future that we are slowly moving away from a reliance on fossil fuels to make our electricity, especially as we know the pollution that burning fossil fuels causes.

Now that the country has committed to a low-carbon future, as the coal power stations on the Trent and Ouse close, offshore wind turbines seem preferable to any other option proposed.

Given the choice, I know that I would rather bring up my children within sight of wind turbines than under the cloud of a nuclear power plant.

Having said that, if the wind turbines are 20 miles offshore I fear I will need a very good telescope to see them from Caistor. Could we have some a bit closer please?

Peter Sanderson

Brigg Road