European Union - What about our ex-pats?

Open letter to all candidates in Gainsborough Constituency, General Election 2015

As a former Stainton le Vale resident, now living in France but still with a vote in the constituency, I am interested in the views of you and your respective parties on what would happen to the more than two million British ex-pats currently living in Europe should the UK decide to leave the EU.

No one has yet categorically told us how we would be affected by such exit but issues such as UK pensions being frozen, loss of access to healthcare and potentially the loss of right to residence have all been raised.

We are already losing the Winter Fuel Payment as we have been told we all live in hot countries. I would be more than happy to provide a photo of my house in the Auverge region of France, in November of last year, with more than a foot of snow lying and a metre-long icicle protruding from the downspout, and that was just the beginning of winter.

I am currently debating which party will get my vote in the next election and for that reason I would be most interested to hear your comments on my question.

Lesley M K Tither

By email