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Pool hopes were dashed

Ten years ago a pool for the town of Market Rasen was fully costed, agreed and was on its way to being delivered by WLDC led by a Lib Dem administration led by Reg Shore.

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Anniversary - Dambusters

As the nation marks the 75th anniversary of the Dambusters raid, many of your younger readers may wonder if commemorating events from the Second World War is still relevant today.

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Dementia - Action week

I want to invite your readers to unite for Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Action Week, which takes place from May 21 - 27.

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MP Sir Edward Leigh. EMN-180123-093658001

MP’s Column - Prisons and defence priorities

Victorian prisons were a great innovation when they were created, systematising what had been a rotting, arbitrary, and inconsistent system of punishing criminals. But, when we look back at these prisons now, we think of them as being cruel and locking up far too many people whose actions were a result of mental problems.


MP’s Column - Banks, investment and chamber changes....

Nothing could please me more than the announcement that the Government is to spend over £2 million for the Gainsborough Southern Urban Extension here in West Lindsey. Readers will be well aware that housing is a pressing concern as housebuilding fails to keep pace with demand.

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