Energy - Why is it just us fracking?

Today we are blessed with Guy Grainger who today in England is taking us all down another path to near on ruin and destruction when insisting in the Market Rasen Mail (Wed Feb 11 2015) on fracking and saying no is not the answer.

And when, going on to inform the reader of this tabloid where I do believe he thinks we haven’t a grey cell to rub between us all, in trying best to convince us, as if we don’t know already that the way forward in his ridiculous epilogue of mumbo-jumbo that this dire method in fracking is the best thing since sliced bread.

Well! me old china, I think it’s about time that you woke up and tasted the coffee and started cluing yourself on issues that in today’s world are proving not only to be an environmental disaster but also an economic catastrophe.

The USA is now paying a price that is totally irreversible in damage and destruction to the point where many a worker in fracking has paid the highest price with their lives and many, many more succumbing to this fatal extraction.

A tight system of regulation needs to be brought in, says Guy Grainger. I sir, I do agree with these words, a system that is so tightly held in a grip of a tourniquet that the whole darn fracking chokes to a total demise.

And just before I turn the steam down, take a look across the English Channel Mr Guy Grainger if you would please, and thus ask yourself why are they not fracking in Germany or France? I await your latest theory on this baffling issue in much anticipation.

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor