Empty buildings a blot on our town’s landscape

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EDITOR – I read that the owners of the derelict Goldmine Bar in Queen Street have been fined a measly £750 for ignoring a requirement for them to tidy up and make safe the pub.

Big deal; £750 is hardly a punitive penalty and the owners have shown that they are quite happy to let the bar fall into a state of disrepair.

West Lindsey District Council stated that it was sending out a “clear message” to owners of properties that were not maintained. Again, big deal.

A much larger fine should have been imposed of thousands of pounds.

So what happens now? My guess is that the current owners will carry on ignoring any instructions as they are not even based in Lincolnshire.

The building should be requisitioned and then put out to offer for local businesses and entrepreneurs to develop.

And while we are on this subject, what plans are there for the old wine bar at the corner of the market square, the defunct Taal Indian restaurant and several other empty premises in the town centre?

I understand that the townsfolk have been asked to present their views and opinions. How much support is there from WLDC HQ, or again are we the poorer partner just because we do not live in Gainsborough?

Alan Robertson

The Furlongs, Market Rasen