Elections - UKIP will contest council

The current political emphasis is centred on the national debate. Remember though, that May 7th brings with it elections to the District council in our area also. UKIP will be contesting Sir Edward Leigh’s seat nationally but will also be contesting District Council seats.

Despite the national press concentrating on the EU, local issues are deeply entwined within UKIP’s policy. We believe in power for local people over the councils and for local councils over central government.

Elected councillors should put their communities, not party politics, first. Important local issues should be put to binding local referendums; and above all, councils should be there to serve their communities, not just plunder the public purse and spend their money!

Sometimes on a Wednesday at 12.00 O’clock, I settle in front of my television to watch the charade which is Prime Minister’s Question Time. PMQ’s generally develops into a vocal brawl. I often wonder what people from around the world must make of it.

It is a mixture of comedy and tragedy: comedy because it is little more than theatrically-inspired political satire used to portray persons or institutions as being ridiculous or corrupt; and tragedy to see our country demeaned in such a public fashion by a ham-acted drama reminiscent of public school debating societies, presented by pygmy-politicians and based on political one-upmanship intended to invoke a measure of contempt or pleasure, depending, on your political persuasion.

ut this is not limited to the national parliament, as anyone who follows or attends the West Lindsey District council meeting can attest!

And when sitting through PMQs, I am reminded of Rudyard Kipling’s - The Smuggler’s Song:

If you should wake at midnight

And hear a horse’s feet

Don’t go drawing back the curtains

and peering in the street

Them that asks no questions isn’t told a lie

Turn and face the wall my dear

Let the gentlemen ride by!

UKIP is no longer a single issue party with a limited agenda; we are deeply concerned with local issues. We need to tackle important local issues, your issues here in West Lindsey, as well as the bigger EU question. Letting the gentlemen (and women) of the West Lindsey District Council ride by unchallenged, is something we have done for far too long. UKIP is drawing back the curtains and asking the important questions, not turning our heads to the wall. Rhetoric, abuse, and untruths we may get: that’s nothing new; but that will not dissuade us from asking them.

There is nothing more dangerous than a cornered wounded animal that knows the jig is up. And nowhere is this better demonstrated than by personal attacks made on us by the sitting West Lindsey Tory establishment. The vocal outbursts of the West Lindsey District Council’s sitting tenants, for far too long not properly held to account, is a measure of that. Nationally and locally growing numbers of UKIP councillors have triumphed and have risen above the noise. And we now have Westminster MPs! That Tory power is in jeopardy, and that they are fearful of UKIP, is a reality.

We need change. You can deliver it through UKIP. I invite you to look back over the antics of the West Lindsey Conservative, Labour and Lib-Dem councillors, often reported in this paper and elsewhere, and decide for yourself in May!

Dr Howard Thompson

Chairman, UKIP Gainsborough Constituency Association