Elections - Make your vote count on May 7

Your vote will count - It doesn’t matter whether it is national, district or parish elections, your vote will count.

Let’s look at our national figures David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband.

It’s like having to choose between gold, silver and iron ore. Out of the Three party leaders it is clear David Cameron stands out as the one man who is prepared and capable of standing toe to toe and fighting for what is best for Britain. Obviously Iron ore requires a lot of expense and work to make it usable.

Sir Edward Leigh MP our very own ardent member of Parliament who fights vigorously for his electorate in the West Lindsey District is very much a man of principle. A man of the people and for the people!

Now getting closer to home and thinking about our very own West Lindsey district Council, you must admit we have done you proud.

The conservative administration has during the last four-year term, delivered under a restructuring process with dramatically reduced government funding.

Our statutory functions have all been delivered in-spite of putting together an eight day defence of a planning decision to refuse the construction of 8 wind turbines over 400 feet high on Hemswell Cliff. Hats off to the local group VOCAT who have, alongside West Lindsey officers, vehemently fought to uphold the original decision to refuse permission by the WL planning committee. Let’s hope local residents get their wish out of this appeal.

In the next financial year you will see no increase in council tax.

By not increasing council tax the government will give West Lindsey £50,000. If we increase council tax by 1% that means you will be paying just over £50,000 and we will forfeit the free £50,000 from the government. It doesn’t take much thinking about for me!

Our strategy has always been to ease the Financial burden for residents during this period of austerity.

How could a fair council justify forfeiting a free £50,000 but take it out of local peoples pocket instead.

This will be the fourth year in a row we have not increased council tax due to the changes made within the council creating savings and generating income.

This is a new initiative we intend to run and run.

Coun Jeff Summers

Conservative Leader of WLDC