Election: UKIP support has grown - you can join us

We would like to personally thank all the activists, members, supporters and voters who have made UKIP the third largest political party in the country.

It was a good night for UKIP – our vote share increased greatly from 2010. The biggest loser of the night was the credibility of the first-past-the-post electoral system.

We now live in a multi-party landscape and this system must be scrapped in favour of proportional representation.

It does not give what its advocates promise – stable government – it just gives resentment from the un-represented. It cannot be right that nearly four million votes led to one UKIP seat.

But we will continue to fight for what is right as we move forward – UKIP is now like a liner heading in the right direction and in good speed.

For 2020, we need more travellers and deck hands to reach our destination. So hop on board because it’s good fun, worth the trip and we will reach our destination of significant seat gains across the UK and ultimately restore national self-determination for all.

Roger Helmer and Margot Parker

UKIP MEPs, East Midlands