Election: UKIP - party of the future

In reply to a letter sent in by Niels E Winkel in which the order of the day was slating UKIP for being nothing more than a “protest party”, in which nowt positive was coming from the party of the future.

Because I’m afraid to say without sounding too derogatory that people after many years of being brainwashed into believing that their own party can still deliver the goods on the back of a never ending torrent of lies and deceit are only fooling themselves.

For let us all awake to what we have in England alone without crossing the boarders into Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and you will then see the problems that have been purposely left to amount to over the years, grow from small mole hills into whopping great big mountains.

And while at this very moment in time we are slowly but surely sinking under the weight of the never ending same old rhetoric from the three obsolete dinosaur parties. The time has now arrived to vote, vote, vote for the UKIP. Because as sure as the rising of the sun and the setting of the moon, we will all go under into the abyss when allowing things to carry on as they have been allowed to do in these passing years.

So, please wake up to the call of the UKIP in allowing our leader Nigel Farage to take the helm and steer us back onto a course that will totally avert a self destruction of the United Kingdom.

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor