Election - UKIP candidate thanks voters

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who voted for UKIP in the 
Parliamentary and Local Council Elections on May 7.

With a much improved vote of 7,727 in the parliamentary election, we increased our voice by almost 6,000 and that means one person in seven in west Lindsey chose to vote for UKIP.

Whatever happens in the future, nationally and locally, I would just like to say I have loved meeting all you wonderful people out there and I really do hope that we can shake up the establishment and look to a better future, for all.

We are now, officially, the third largest party in the UK with almost 4million people voting for us, nationwide, and I’m sure that 2020 will see a massive increase in our support and more representation in Parliament.

John E Saxon

UKIP Parliamentary candidate for Gainsborough