Election - These are austere times

Well , in reply to corespondents , I do think it’s a waste of money to have a by-election when the town council can so easily co-opt at no cost to the tax payers of Market Rasen.

Just by calling a by-election it will cost £200, as yet no-one has put their name forward. That is a waste of money.

If two people put their name forward an election will be called, this will cost in the region of £1,500, to £2,000+ with the hire of premises, staffing for polling day and count, postal votes, ballot papers etc. That is a waste of money.

Remember this cost falls on the tax payers of Market Rasen with two options. One would be to have less money to spend on resources in the town or to put up the council tax next year. Nice one!

There was no reference to the 12 PEOPLE who signed said petition cannot think for themselves. It was that if they had understood the process and the implications involved, would they have wanted the people of Market Rasen to bare this cost.

Open and transparency comes with taking part, getting involved. Putting your name forward to join the town council or just coming along to council meetings. Pot & kettle is for someone who is quite happy for someone else to do the dirty jobs, and then complain they are not doing it right.

If these 12 people are so fed up and concerned with what is going on, where were they at the last elections in 2010 and again in 2011. Better still putting their names forward for the by-election or cheaper still co-option.

First Saturday of every month, come rain, snow or sun (we don’t get much of this) a town councillor and I as district councillor hold
 a surgery on the market 

The public can come along and ask questions and have their say. Not everyone is equipped with the latest technology for blogging, facebook etc.

That is the trouble with society today, we are losing our inter-personnel skills, what’s wrong with having a good chinwag and a moan. Hopefully we all know where the market place is. Hey ho Give it a go -

Now a reply to Thomas Smith’s letter the other week, shame he hasn’t managed to read some of my previous letters published in the Rasen Mail over the months regarding most of what he has written about.

Regarding the asbestos issue, this has been explained before in detail. A regrettable issue, a result of fly tipping.

If you live in a new house built on farmland, you probably have asbestos in your garden.

Just to clarify, the town council hasn’t taken over the running of the cemeteries.

The town council from the outset was in support of MR BIG. The fiasco you talk about regarding my interview with Peter Levy happened on the spur of the moment.

He invited me onto his show. He wanted answers I couldn’t give him. He couldn’t understand we have democracy and meetings are part of that. To be honest I was caught on the hop. I put my head on the block and said we were going to bid for the Portas money without knowing how many people we had onboard or how we were going to resources it. Turned out alright right in the end with a fantastic team in MR BIG.

The Kings Head/Goldmine, an eyesore for many years. Action was taken forward by the town council and me as district councillor in getting a Section 215 against the owner to tidy it up.

There was also another 20+ letters went out to other property owners in the town. This was done by the excellent officers we have at West Lindsey. The county council was not involved. The town council also paid to have the broken window replaced which was a hazard to passersby.

Regarding the Chapel Street Bridge pigeon health menace. Some S106 money that was given to the town council by Tesco also went into this pigeon issue. More money from the town council also went to improving that area. Nearly £9,000.

The installation of the modern traffic light system at the crossroads on Rhodes corner. The town council partitioned for years to have the old ones updated.

Eventually, the town council took drastic action and had a table just by the traffic lights to get people to sign a petition.

We were told to move it off public land, so we moved it back a metre. I’ve forgotten how many meetings the town council had with highways but finally they conceded.

The town council did go back and ask for the filter lights to be put in which were promised in the first instance. This was to ease the traffic issue caused by drivers turning right to Tesco.

As a district councillor I am aware of all the money that is given out by West Lindsey. I am on two of the funding panels that oversee the spending of this money. It is all public


Market Rasen Town and 
District Councillor