Election - Proud to serve our county

I am currently putting my name forward again for the Kelsey Wold ward, and will be keen to try to represent residents with West Lindsey matters if re- elected.

I enjoy representing the lovely area that lies on, and in the shadow of the beautiful Wold country.

I am very happy with the way West Lindsey is moving forward, looking for ways to expand our services rather than cut back.

By investing our capital wisely I believe we can show residents we want to improve life in West Lindsey.

Over the last four years I have been able to share the £8000.00 councillors initiative fund evenly across North and South Kelsey, Grasby, Searby and Bigbys population, in addition we have drawn on other community grants from West Lindsey.

Our refuse service has collected top marks nationally and the new Household waste recycling site at the Rasens continues to collect praise from its many users. We have kept our council tax down and still provided a free green bin service.

However let’s look to the future, The Conservative group currently the largest party, have big plans for the next four years.

We plan to develop Hemswell Cliff, to take the pressure off the villages north of Lincoln.

We plan to improve rural transport. Also to improve our road network repairs.

We have identified an area for a crematorium to be built as a joint venture, in the Gainsborough area, the existing pressure on stretched facilities, increases the sadness families feel, as a loved one waits for their committal.

We are looking for the best way forward, to work with village hall committees to install solar panels, so as to lower the heating and lighting bills.

We shall improve the relationship between parish councils and West Lindsey’s planners, whilst minimising any increases in the council tax in West Lindsey.

Our aim over the next four years is to develop the tourist offer, with our many excellent holiday lodges and comfortable bed and breakfasts, starting with our Caistor Wold Area of outstanding Natural beauty, our antique centres at Hemswell cliff and Market Rasen races, and the jewel in the Crown that is Gainsborough’s Old Hall-the finest in England!

Finally – last week I read with interest my good friend Geoff Reynolds of Tealbys, view on the referendum and leaving Europe

I personally will not vote, as I believe the decision should be left for those under 60s who will have to live with that vote, for the rest of their lives.

I haven’t a clue how it, or indeed this General election will go although for the General election, my view is obviously to hope for the Blues!

With very best wishes to everyone and lets enjoy a lovely summer!

Lewis Strange,