Education - Ofsted, leave the kids alone

“Ofsted”. Government Little Lance Jacks, that go around with an air of such superiority one would think they actually carried some clout behind their constant and utter interference in our Schools in England, which makes those at the end of their tongue quake and shiver in pure fright.

Yes Sir! Yes Sir! Three Bags Full Sir! as another School is forced to bow to their crass stupidity in a part of England where the Three R’s now come a long way down the list in today’s priorities.

“Rural Schools Face Same Multi-Cultural Challenge.”

Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday November 26, 2014, now tells the reader that the Governors at Middle Rasen Primary School, “Accept the Findings of a Government Inspectors Report,” which says it must do more to be multi-cultural.

Now! The thing is here, Teachers in this neck of the woods have got enough on their plate getting these wee sprogs to this outstanding level without filling their little heads with things that can wait until they reach an age where they can work things out for themselves.

Children who’s little craniums find it hard enough to squeeze in the Three Rs don’t need added interference from outside sources who love nothing better than to rock a stable boat and bring a School down to a level of their choice.

No Sir! These Teachers along with the Boys and Girls are doing just fine, take a look at their faces in the photograph which tells you more than words can describe.

So Ofsted, Leave These Kids Alone.

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor