Early learning a crucial part of child’s education

EDITOR – In response to Nino Hoblyn’s letter (March 16).

May we suggest that before embarking on another letter-writing campaign you fully research the subject you are writing about.

Chatterbox, which is part of Tots On Tour, is designed for learning and enhancing young children’s communication skills and language learning experiences, one of the elements being learning through role play.

Our 21-month son attends every Tuesday and this has made a tremendous impact on him.

The whole concept is a forerunner for nursery school, which in turn is a forerunner for primary school and secondary school and beyond.

Perhaps Nino would care to come down one Tuesday and take a Latin or mathematics class.?

Our five-year-old son, who started primary school last September, attended both Tots On Tour and nursery school and he has settled in well at primary school and his progress is excellent.

So we would argue that this early learning certainly has in no small part helped in the long and interesting learning path ahead of him.

Tim and Rachelle Dalton

Market Rasen