Drains are not a problem

EDITOR – I am contacting you to correct the facts in the letter regarding the drain at Kirkby cum Osgodby.

We visited Ms Muddiman on Monday, July 2, and explained there is no problem with the drainage: it was running freely as a highway drain.

The problem was the huge quantity of water from a much larger catchment area. The photographs you printed were taken on Thursday, June 28, when the heavy rainfall was causing widespread flooding issues across the country.

Legally, it is the landowner’s responsibility to make sure water doesn’t run off their fields onto the highway.

This can be achieved by maintaining and keeping watercourse on their land adequate for conveying run-off water, from their fields, through the ditch system – in this case to Kingerby Beck.

We have arranged to meet with the parish council and are inviting the adjacent landowners, whose land contributes to this issue, along to that meeting.

We work closely with partners to do all we can to help protect people from flooding.

However, if someone lives in a 
flood risk area, or has been flooded before, they need to take steps to protect their homes, with sandbags for example.

More details about how people can do this are available at www.lincolnshireprepared.co.uk .

Steve Wiles

Area highways manager