Don’t miss chance to rail against turbines

EDITOR – As the county councillor for Hemswell Cliff area, where a planning application for 10 huge wind turbines has been lodged, I am asking for all residents in the surrounding villages to write in the strongest terms to West Lindsey planning authority to voice their objections. These need to be with the planning department by 5pm on Saturday, October 13.

Such is the planning process that arguments for the loss of property value (estate agents tell me of around a 20 per cent decrease, and less interest by prospective buyers), or the unsightly view from a residential property, or even that the turbines are inefficient, are not reasons that the planning officers or committee are allowed to take into account.

However, the effect on the visual impact of 10 wind turbines – each one approximately one 425 feet high – on the surrounding area  (judged as an area of greater landscape value) is acceptable as a reason for objection. And one of the strongest reasons.

Other points acceptable as objections include: noise from the wind farm; flicker from the turbines, especially in residential properties; distraction to road users on two highly-dangerous Lincolnshire red routes, A15 and A631.

In the surrounding villages, it would seem from local polls that four out of five families do not want these huge turbines to be built; turbines that would make little difference to the energy required in the United Kingdom, but turbines that make foreign energy companies and local land owners very wealthy indeed; turbines that would ruin the big sky that Lincolnshire is famed for, and cherished by local residents.

I do hope you will put pen to paper – there is not a moment to be lost in contacting the planning department: Application number – 128940; Mr Nick Ethelstone, The planning department, The Guildhall, Marshalls Yard, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire County Council, DN21 2NA.

Coun Lewis Strange,

Ancholme Cliff division of Lincolnshire County Council