Dog owners should learn to keep our pathways free of pet’s mess

EDITOR – Who in Caistor is the person (or people) who walks their dogs as darkness descends on these winter nights, thus giving them the cover to allow their dogs to foul the footpaths – and leave this mess to be trodden in by an unsuspecting member of the public.

Chapel Street has only the one footpath that takes you past some of the most delightful properties here in this attractive town of ours, but the dog faeces on this small stretch alone is something that sickens you to the very pit of your stomach.

Even our wonderful church, with its well-kept surrounding yard, has succumbed to these disgusting individuals who, for the sake of carrying a plastic bag, cannot bend down and pick up their dog’s dropping – which, if fallen in by a small child, making contact with the eyes, can send them blind.

On Tuesday, December 27, in North Street, I was speaking to a man I only know in passing, and watched his dog drop one small faeces. Looking down at this deposit his dog had made the man then looked at me and said “That’s not worth picking up” and proceeded to kick the mess, which then broke up into tiny segments all across the footpath.

This was followed by another two droppings further down the footpath as he walked away in haste, dragging the poor dog along by the lead and leaving this mess to be trodden in, while I, for some reason, looked on total disbelief and was struck dumb and lost for words at what had happened in front of my very eyes.

You know who you are, and for the sake of a plastic bag pick the damn mess up. This is far cheaper than a £1,000 fine.

Nino Hoblyn