Dog fouling - Time to walk pets elsewhere

After allowing myself to study and digest the contents of the headline and the following gripe by Caistor town councillor Clive Rudd in last week’s Market Rasen Mail, I came to my own conclusion regarding those people who allow their pet dogs to run completely wild on someone else’s land.

As a dog owner myself, I have walked my dogs on the pavements of Caistor and come across nothing but filth left behind by those who wouldn’t know a plastic dog fouling bag if you stuck it on the end of their nose with contents in it.

Folk seem quite willing to leave this mess on the pavement for children, women and men to tread in.

That is bad enough, but God forbid if it came in contact with anyone’s eyes. Blindness is a great threat.

So, just because this land has been walked on for the last 30 years or more, that doesn’t give people the God-given right to assume this sort of thing can carry on forever. Faccenda has called time ladies and gentlemen to walk your canines elsewhere.

Nino Hoblyn