Dog fouling - Pick up after your pets

How many more times does one have to speak like a parrot and tap into the thick skulls as if one were a woodpecker concerning the people who while owning dogs are in fact the most irresponsible folk on England’s Green and Pleasant Land.

Because time and time again we have this issue of dog fouling, and not just here in Caistor but also the surrounding areas where for some unknown reason they have their one little grey cell tucked away in their derriére in thinking they have the God given right to allow their dog to drop their droppings and thus leaving the filth to be trodden in, or even worse, fallen in.

For dog fouling is a massive health hazard for adults and children, and as I again discovered today (Wednesday, September 10 at 9.30am) walking down Boys Hill here in Caistor, I trod in this filth that had been left there by someone who is probably reading this right now and having a little giggle to themselves.

Well! The day will come when I will spot you doing the self same thing, and by gad sir I will make a citizen’s arrest and if this just happens to be on the same Boys Hill, I will also inform you that dozens of mothers and fathers take their children up and down this Boys Hill to school each and everyday from Monday to Friday.

And if one small child just happens to fall in this dog mess and this filth enters the eye, then you, you irresponsible dog owner could be guilty for a child going blind.

And all for the sake of carrying a little plastic bag.

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor