Dog fears should be paid the proper respect by authorities

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EDITOR – I believe and hope I am not the only resident of Gordon Field, Market Rasen, contacting you reference two dangerous dogs.

This week a beloved family pet (a cat) has been savagely killed by these two dogs. This event was sadly witnessed by a neighbour.

Unfortunately, this same thing happened a year ago, when three cats and one rabbit were the victims. All animals were loved and well looked after family pets.

We asked for help last year from the authorities and were given none. We are asking for help again this year and are getting none.

We feel badly let down by the local police force that sent round a PCSO to deal with the incident.

We are all very concerned, not only about our pets but also, and more importantly, about our very young children.

It is the school holidays and we feel neither children nor animals are safe to be out, but apparently until something drastic does happen there is nothing that can be done!

The PCSO concerned was to acrry out a door-to-door enquiry amongst the residents within the area of the incident the evening after it happened, but didn’t as apparently he felt intimidated!

Intimidation is living in a quiet area not knowing when two dangerous dogs will be on the prowl to kill your pets or maim your children! He has a duty to the local community, it is his job.

All who live in the relevant area of Gordon Field know who the dogs belong to, as do the police.

We are all law-abiding, tax-paying people asking for help from the authorities for which we pay and are getting nowhere fast! This is one terrible accident waiting to happen.

We have neighbours who own dogs responsibly. They are taken out on leads and impounded in their gardens securely. It can be done.

If a dog is not safe around other animals or people it should at the very least be muzzled.

Where do we go from here, have any of our readers any legal suggestions? We are living on our wits’ ends and do not want anyone else to lose a beloved pet and family member.

We do not appear to be taken seriously and, quite frankly, that makes the matter even worse.

A very concerned Gordon Field resident

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