Do modern education methods maximise our children’s talents?

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EDITOR – Call me old fashioned, or a stick in the mud, but shouldn’t children today be learning things like Latin, algebra, logarithms, multiplication tables, long subtractions and the history of England?

Instead they act about all the time, playing nonsensical, foolish games, in which the adult members are seen as if they come straight from Billy Smart’s Circus in enticing these poor little mites into doing things even they find rather ridiculous.

This is seen far too much.

‘Chatterbox for record attempt’ – Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday, March 2 – won’t enhance these children on iota, never mind turning them into some of England’s greatest leaders, like Tony Blair or Gordon Brown for instance.

So, knuckle down and begin to learn those three Rs, before one becomes a knucklehead.

Nino Hoblyn