Different rules in land of Rasen?

EDITOR – I find myself constantly dumbfounded by the behaviour of individuals in this small town.

There seems to be a minority of people (using the term loosely) with no regard for civil law or even commonsense.

The very smallness of the town makes their activity and presence all the more noticeable and unpleasant.

The streets are restrictive and the pavements so narrow as to make it awkward for two pedestrians to pass.

Yet some car drivers ignore the yellow lining to park illegally with impunity. Worst of all, on double yellow lines particularly, they seem to think that this means that they are obliged to park on the pavement.

These road hogs make it difficult to impossible to walk past on the pavement and completely out of the question for prams and wheelchairs – without taking to the road.

Then, there is the minority of dog owners who allow their animals to foul the pavements without clearing up.

Just this Wednesday morning I found myself clearing up after what must have been a particularly large animal, virtually on my doorstep.

These anti-social individuals are almost impossible to catch in the act but unmissable in their aftermath – which seems to show constant offending by the same small number of individuals/animals.

On dark evenings I find it preferable to walk on the streets rather than run the gauntlet of car blockages and doggy deposits.

It is a whole different subject but these same unpleasant attributes also come through with some of the town’s youth – although in all fairness I have to say that the current crop scarcely compares with the horrors which have inhabited the streets in recent years.

I guess that they go through some form of graduation to allow for a new intake.

In recent days (i.e. this week) I saw an extremely unsteady individual in Boots being served his dose of methadone in between shuffling through the shelves and helping himself to deodorant spray samplers and the next day he used the Arena café as a walkthrough to keep out of the rain.

Then there was another individual – one who appears to have failed to graduate – buying strong cider in the morning and giving out abuse in the evening while struggling to stay upright.

I wonder if these issues strike any resonance with readers. I have two questions. Why do the authorities not take more – or at least some – action? Failing that, why does the local authority waste so much money on notices and yellow paint?

There is a fortune to be made through parking tickets. One complacent local told me that, on the odd occasion that parking is policed, all that happens is that drivers are spoken to.

Until tickets are routinely issued – a much more time-efficient methodology – drivers will continue to park as they please.

Why does Market Rasen have different rules to the rest of the country? The anti-social appear to be allowed to behave as they wish and the rest of us have to wonder why we should abide by rules and standards of decency.

After all, we would all prefer to park as we wish and not clean up after our dogs. Surely it is more than time that the majority of law abiding people insist that the simple rules must be enforced.

A Williamson

Waterloo Street

Market Rasen