Development - Don’t let it ruin countryside

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Being Yorkshire born and bred, it was with immense delight, pride and enjoyment that I watched the Tour de France Grande Depart, and first stages wind through this endlessly beautiful county. Now you have all seen our best kept secret! Congratulations to each and everyone who worked so hard to make it the success it was, such a joy.

How many of you would like to see this sublime countryside, along with the surrounding beauty of where we all live, kept pristine indefinitely? Repeal our new building regulations and keep any new housing on brown field sites only.

England is vastly overpopulated because of the ‘Open Boarder Policy’ which has got to end. We do not have a ‘Housing Shortage’ just far too many people here who really should not be.

And do people really want to see such beauty permanently scarred forever with ‘Fracking Wells’ and their ‘Fifty Poisons Corrupting Land and Water’?

Those who force these most dreadful and abhorrent of practices upon us are truly repulsively ugly human beings whom have a hatred of such loveliness and cannot bear to look upon it. Such wanton, inexcusable destruction.

The biggest culprit apart from our Atavistic Government is none other than HM the Queen, who stands to make billions in Sterling from this despicable industry, including Tax Payers Money being used to prop up this Profitless Enterprise.

Do the population know that HM owns ‘All the Mineral Rights in England’, which is why she has given ‘Carte Blanche’ to any Fracking Company to Help Themselves to Your Private Property and Endanger Your Health?

Why do we even consider Fracking when there are Thousands of Years Worth of Coal yet to be mined here, and with Drax Power Station being the first recipient of Effective Carbon Filters to Cut Emissions surely it would be much more Cost Effective to Regenerate our Mining Industry?

Or is it a case of all that stand to make a ‘Few Bob’ would rather ‘Strangle the Golden Goose’ for the sake of ‘Thirty Pieces of Silver’?

G P Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor.