Despair turned to satisfaction

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EDITOR – Shouts of despair and condemnation with an inner rage may well of been the initial reaction to all those whose eyes fell upon the front page headline ‘Uncovered: Where your £4.2m went’ – Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday, February 8.

And thus, still reeling from the shock and horror of what Rasen’s SRB money was really spent on I turned to page three with shaking hands and a somewhat disbelief concerning this gross amount of money.

Yet, lo and behold, when doing so I read the breakdown from section to section and all my fears flew out of the window, for here in my now refreshed eyes were the reasons placed in an order like a battalion of guardsmen at the Trooping of the Colour.

So once again I jumped to a false conclusion in thinking I was following the funeral procession when, in fact, it turned out to be a dustcart and this correction, may I thankfully add, is down to an editor who left me with a smile upon my face and a cheer in my heart in the knowledge that this now paltry sum of money could not have been spent any more wisely than it actually was.

Nino Hoblyn