‘Danger dogs’ are back and killing again, but where are the police?

EDITOR – Yet again, and less than a year since the last attacks, residents of Gordon Field are having to be very vigilant of their pets as the same dogs have struck again.

This time ripping apart a much-loved family cat that belonged to an elderly couple.

Last year three cats and one rabbit (that was secure in its hutch at the time) that we know of lost their lives in a most savage and distressing way.

The dogs have been identified with a resident witnessing the latest “killing”.

The police, quite frankly, have handled this repeated incident appallingly.

When a PCSO did turn up, naturally a few concerned women approached him.

Half term is upon us with children playing outside.

What happens if they become the next victims?

The answer according to our law enforcement agency, “Can’t do anything until that happens.”

Are we not supposed to live in a society where we prevent something from happening?

Crime prevention, I think it is called?

The PCSO promised to come and update us on the situation, but, what a surprise – no-show.

My husband went to see him and his excuse? He felt threatened and intimidated by us women.

Him a male, well over six feet tall. Us, five woman the tallest 5ft 5in. Intimidated?

Surely this PCSO should think of a career change.

So pet owners of Market Rasen be aware – killer dogs are on the loose and the police are not interested.

I just hope a future headline in your paper doesn’t read that a child has been mauled or worse.

You have been warned.

Tracey Lane

88 Gordon Field

Market Rasen

EDITOR – How many more family cats are to be murdered by two dogs which are allowed to roam free.

Once again a much-loved cat has been attacked and torn apart by these two dogs and left for the owner to bury.

Does it have to take an attack on a child for action to be taken?

Sue Hilton

Market Rasen