Cycling London to Edinburgh

I arrived back at Market Rasen station at 9pm last Sunday after a weekend away and set off home to Stainton le Vale on my trusty old cycle.

Bowling along through Walesby woods I was overtaken by three lycra clad cyclists on expensive looking road bikes.

Looking back I could see cycle lights dotted back along the road behind me and was quite pleased that no more overtook me as I climbed Walesby Hill.

At the top the three ahead of me turned left towards Caistor as I carried straight on and then took the lane down to Stainton.

I was taken by surprise as two professional looking cyclists pulled alongside me.Staring aghast at my old bike and my jeans and jacket they cursed in German and asked

‘Are you going to Edinburgh?’ - ‘No, I’m going home ‘ I replied. More cursing - they had followed my rear light thinking I was taking part in the tour/race.

I sent them back with directions to Caistor and continued home where I did an internet search and found details at

It seems 1,000 riders from 33 countries were cycling London to Edinburgh and back, with a control at De Aston School in Market Rasen.

Sadly two of the 1,000 will have done two more miles than the others!

Mike Clendining,

Stainton le Vale