Cuts are making a mockery of Government’s spending

EDITOR – When I first heard about the proposed drastic cuts to the Stagecoach No3 bus I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked and worried about how we who use it regularly would cope with the cuts.

I use the service from Market Rasen to Lincoln two or three times every week. I use a bus pass, for which I have always been extremely grateful, and I do not abuse it by travelling outside my area.

I only use it to travel into Lincoln, which I need to visit for shopping, banking, meeting friends, hospital visits.

All the money spent by the Government on advertising to get the cars off the road and using buses is a joke.

I strongly oppose these proposed cuts mainly because it is our only bus service and we have no other service into Lincoln. What are we supposed to do?

Using the train is not an option for many who do not live close to the station.

Cutting the service would pose the question of, if you used the reduced service, how sure are you of getting on the bus to get home if there are more people using fewer buses?

Brenda Smith

Market Rasen