Cut out all the negativity and get behind our town

EDITOR – I’m proud to say I have lived in Market Rasen since the age of 12 and am now raising a family of my own in this super little town.

It’s full of kind, friendly and humorous people of whom many are friends of mine. Both my husband and I work locally and invest our time in many community concerns.

Glancing through the paper, I was not at all surprised to read a negative voice amid all the positivity surrounding the town’s success in winning a Portas Pilot bid.

The enthusiasm and community spirit that has erupted since the Mr Big team have been in action is inspiring. And yet again, someone has to have a whinge and moan!

How typical of the chattering classes who say so much and do so little. Rather than spending time criticising those trying to make a difference why not get out there and do something creative yourself?

I’m afraid your tone is predictable and your argument weak.

PS – You may be interested to know that the I Love Mkt Rasen merchandise was all funded by local businesses out of goodwill to the project.

Goodwill goes a long way don’t you think.

Rachel Parry

By email